The Future of Laundry is Here: Clean Clothes, Clear Conscious, No Mess!

Welcome to the brighter side of laundry day! Our eco-friendly washing sheets are here to kick the bucket (of messy detergents). Say goodbye to detergent spills, plastic jugs, and a guilty conscience. With our sheets, you get a clean that's as kind to your clothes as it is to the planet. They're so easy to use, even your laundry-phobic roommate can't mess it up.

  • Plastic Free Packaging

    No more plastic container packaged detergent

  • Gentle on the skin.

    Formulated with dermatologist-tested gentle ingredients.

  • Exceptional cleaning performance.

    Effortlessly removes stains and odors while being gentle.

  • Animal-friendly

    Assuredly vegan and compassionate to animals.

We've made it simpler for you.

Say goodbye to running out of laundry detergent with our convenient and cost-effective subscription service.

  • Pick your fragrance.

    Pick a fragrance : "Fresh Fragrance" or "Spring Flowers"

  • Choose your delivery

    Enjoy flexible delivery choices. You decide when your next batch arrives.

  • Subscription at ease

    Flexible Subscription : Pause or Cancel anytime.

Start saving with our monthly subscription.



For healthy humans and ecological balance.

EcoAware continually seeks opportunities to promote positivity. Our planet-first company is deeply committed to empowering people and planet.

  • "I absolutely adore this fantastic product on various levels. I've been sharing it with my friends and family, and they do love as well."


  • Very gentle Smell and great cleaning. I love the packaging and it is so compact. My small closet got a lot more space now.

    Abhishek k.

  • My little one always want to join me to spill some laundry detergent. With EcoAware, he enjoys flipping a sheet to machine. I love doing this with my kid. It's incredibly user-friendly, and my clothes always come out smelling fresh and clean.

    Alex R.

  • I loved EcoAware sheets. Its like adding a cheese to burger so simple and effective. This is my new style of laundry.